Audi Corporate Program

Audi Corporate is a unique program which delivers a set of special benefits to employees of Australia's “BRW Top 1000” companies, or companies that own a fleet of five or more luxury vehicles.

When you enter the world of Audi Corporate you enjoy:

  • No cost scheduled servicing for 3 years or 45,000km (whichever occurs first)
  • Corporate evaluation vehicles
  • Priority vehicle order and allocation
  • AudiCare A+ for the duration of the new car warranty 
  • Free pick-up and drop off of your vehicle to a maximum of 20km from the servicing dealer when your Audi requires its scheduled service
  • Loan cars when your A5, A6, A7, A8, R8, Q5, Q7 or any S or RS model is being serviced
  • Invitation to selected events

In addition, your company's enrolment in the Audi Corporate program means all eligible future Audi vehicle owners in your organisation automatically enjoy the benefits afforded with full access to all the information, privileges and assistance membership brings.

For further information please email the Audi Corporate team using the link below.

Audi Corporate Program FAQs

  • How do I know if I qualify for AudiCorporate membership?

    Our local dealer will be able to confirm if the company you work for is enrolled in the AudiCorporate program; or, if your company is not on the program, the dealership will be able to enrol you in the AudiCorporate program, if the business meets the qualifying criteria.

  • What is the membership enrolment process?

    To qualify you will complete an enrolment form. Within the enrolment form, the company will agree to two Audi new car purchases per annum and have a minimum of five premium cars less than five years old currently on your fleet/within your company. Your local dealer will assist you in completing the relevant enrolment paperwork which must be signed off by either the Director, General Manager or Human Resources Manager of your company.

  • What is covered in my service?

    The items listed in your service booklet are covered including oils, basic parts and labour costs. Wheel alignments, balancing and driveway items are not covered (i.e. tyres, wiper blades, brake pads, etc.).

  • When should I get my car serviced?

    The no cost scheduled servicing is based on the 15,000km, 30,000km and 45,000km services OR the 1st, 2nd and 3rd anniversary of ownership, whichever occurs first.

  • Am I entitled to a loan car for the duration of my service?

    All Audi A5/S5, A6/S6, A7/S7, A8/S8, R8, Q5/SQ5, Q7 and all RS model owners are entitled to a loan car for the duration of their service, subject to availability. Please ensure that you book your loan car at least 2 weeks in advance.

  • What happens when my AudiCorporate membership expires?

    Your membership is valid for three years from vehicle retail date. Upon expiry, no further services will be honoured. Membership cannot be extended. You can however purchase a new Audi at that time a receive the benefits on the new vehicle should the criteria of eligibility be met.

  • What do I receive from Audi Australia to confirm my AudiCorporate membership?

    Once enrolled by your selling dealer, a corporate membership pack is sent to all new company enrolments and a Corporate A+ card is sent to all new vehicle owners. This Corporate A+ card must be presented at each service.

  • Where can I get my car serviced?

    You can get your car serviced at any authorised Audi dealership across Australia. You must confirm your AudiCorporate membership and any service loan car requirements at the time of booking your service.

  • Is AudiCorporate membership transferable if I sell my car?

    No. AudiCorporate is only available on new vehicles, and only for the first registered owner.